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Hello Friends i want to sync my whole application data to different - different device like

i have Samsung device at first time i install my application on it and i store some data on it but i have another device like HTC or Samsung and i want my previous data which i store in my Previous Samsung device it should be show me in my new Device so how can i Sync my application data is there any way for the please suggest any link or code for that ?

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Have you thought about using an online database? –  epsilondelta Jan 25 at 4:23
@epsilondelta:: I want to sync data with my local database i dont want to sync with web service so is there any way without web service we can sync application data to different devices? –  Harshal Kalavadiya Jan 25 at 4:36

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Have a look at these articles on the android dev site.

Backup API

Sync Adapters

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