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Why do the style tags need to be included in the HTML with Pure CSS framework? The documentation has it too http://purecss.io/buttons/ I'm looking at the section "Colored buttons with rounded corners: Success Button"

(look in this Codepen - in bottom left click on edit pen)

notice is you uncomment the style tags in html it works? why can't it pick it up from the css file?

<style scoped>

    .button-secondary {
        color: white;
        border-radius: 4px;
        text-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

    .button-success {
        background: rgb(28, 184, 65); /* this is a green */

    .button-error {
        background: rgb(202, 60, 60); /* this is a maroon */

    .button-warning {
        background: rgb(223, 117, 20); /* this is an orange */

    .button-secondary {
        background: rgb(66, 184, 221); /* this is a light blue */


    <button class="button-success pure-button">Success Button</button>
    <button class="button-error pure-button">Error Button</button>
    <button class="button-warning pure-button">Warning Button</button>
    <button class="button-secondary pure-button">Secondary Button</button>
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CSS rules are assigned based on the order in which they are loaded. You put the Yahoo Pure CSS file loading inside the <body> of that CodePen but the CSS you have typed in the CSS section is loaded before it (in the <head>). This lets the later one overwrite it, reverting the settings to their defaults.

Just load the pure file before the other files (but after fonts of course).

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now i understand the rules. but i do not understand how i would do :Just load the pure file before the other files (but after fonts of course). –  Beast_Code Jan 25 at 5:39
<head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://yui.yahooapis.com/pure/0.3.0/pure-min.css"><link rel="stylesheet" href="custom-styles.css"></head> –  Deryck Jan 25 at 5:40

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