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Can someone please help me resolve my issue, I don't understand what i am doing wrong at the moment but heres what im working on right now. Its a popup menu that displays a website page(url) and its not working the way I expected - When i made this a box just pops up and not showing the url that i provided in the html source. I have no clue why its not working can someone help me out? Thanks

<div id="testdiv">    
    <li onclick="Test.box.show({url:'http://google.com',width:300,height:150})">Click Here</li></div>


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"its not working the way I expected" - Please spell out exactly what you expect. (And note that adding click handlers to li elements isn't a good plan from an accessibility point of view - better to use anchors because they can be "clicked" from the keyboard.) –  nnnnnn Jan 25 at 5:30
frankly, your code is too big to allow for a quick debug. You should point us to the part you think is not working, or at least elaborate on the differences between what you expected and what actually occurs. –  kuroi neko Jan 25 at 5:35
Only if I no exactly why its not working, If I know the part where it wasn't working i would've not asked this question! –  BrainDamage Jan 25 at 5:37
You need to set Access-Control-Allow-Origin in the header so it can get content from other sites. If you would like to allow any site you can do: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: "*" –  Spencer Wieczorek Jan 25 at 6:21
In the header of what exactly? –  BrainDamage Jan 25 at 6:25

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