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Hi am getting an error while trying a simple datetime import.

ImportError: No module named datetime

I am trying the following code in the git console.

>>> from datetime.datetime import strptime

I have tried re-installing python and it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

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datetime.datetime is a class datetime inside a module datetime. You can't import a method of a class, which is effectively what you are trying to do. you can do instead:

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> datetime.strptime(...)

or to "extract" the method the way you seem to want it:

>>> strptime = datetime.strptime

though the name on the left side of the = is completely up to you.

The error message itself is coming from the second datetime in datetime.datetime, not the first.

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thanks a lot. It worked I will accept the answer as soon as stackoverflow allows it. –  Akash Deshpande Jan 25 at 6:13
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