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I am using codeigniter and the following code has worked for a very long time until my server was updated to PHP 5.4. My requirement is to allow for large uploaded files and the save them in a mysql database as a blob. I can't store the link reference so that is not an option.

Below is my code. The error I am getting is

Message: Parameter 3 to mysqli_stmt_bind_param() expected to be a reference, value given

From the looks of things I am passing everything by reference.

Any help would be great.

function UploadFile($filepath, $contenttype, $fileext, $filename, $filesize)
    $stmt = $this->db->call_function('stmt_init',$this->db->conn_id);
    if($this->db->call_function('stmt_prepare',$stmt, 'INSERT INTO THE_TABLE (user_id, upload_description, upload, content_type, file_ext, file_name, file_size) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)')) 
        $clientId = $this->input->post('clientid');
        $desc = $this->input->post('uploaddescription');
        $userfile = $this->input->post('userfile');

        $param = 2;
        $chunkSize = 8192;

        $this->db->call_function('stmt_bind_param',$stmt, "isbssss", $clientId, $desc, $userfile, $contenttype, $fileext, $filename, $filesize);

        if ($fp = @fopen($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'], 'r')) 
            while (!feof($fp)) 

                $this->db->call_function('stmt_send_long_data',$stmt, $param, fread($fp,  $chunkSize));


        $result_query = $this->db->call_function('stmt_execute', $stmt);
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I finally figured out the answer.

Codeigniters function $this->db->call_function passes the values by value and not by reference. I removed this function call and called bind params directly and it worked.

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