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I have Async task being configured using Celery and Django. Using google API and storing the result in my database and then send the result back to client.

async_result = (task_async_google_get.delay(lat,long)
print async_result.state
print async_result.task_id
print async_result.info

Here the state is PENDING, If I use result = async_result.get() it will wait for the processing to be done but that does not solve the purpose of Async.

What would be the next step if I want to get some data from the result parameters in Async manner?

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You probably would want to query the result from a different context (or task) where you don't care if task hasn't completed yet or is blocking. Of course waiting for the result of the async task from the same context in which you execute it beats the whole purpose of the async task. –  odedfos Apr 27 at 9:55
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