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I'm calculating the values for a path and circle that are within an svg element using Javascript. I can get the right HTML code to be injected into the HTML page, but no circle/svg is drawn.

This is what is injected into my HTML by the Javascript

  <circle cx="115" cy="110" r="50"></circle>
  <path d="M115,110 L115,0 A50,50 1 0,1 190,35 z"></path>

If I copy and paste this code into a different .html file and run it, I get a shape (not exactly circular) that appears. This doesn't happen in my actual web page.

I can get the shape to appear if I put the above code directly in the html file (i.e. without using the Javascript function to dynamically calculate and inject it).

I am using Angular.js, if that makes a difference.

I don't think there are errors in my Javascript because the code injected into the html page works in other places, but I can post my Javascript code if that will help. There aren't any styles that would stop the SVG from appearing. It's almost like I need to tell the browser to reload/repaint/reparse the HTML, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for your help.


Here is my javascript code.

  <circle cx="115" cy="115" r="110"></circle>
  <path d="M115,115 L115,5 A110,110 1 0,1 190,35 z"></path>
Sector.prototype.draw = function() {
  // Create our svg element
  var svg = document.createElement('svg');

  // Create and set up our circle element
  var circ = document.createElement('circle');
  circ.setAttribute('cx', this.startX);
  circ.setAttribute('cy', this.startY);
  circ.setAttribute('r', this.radius);

  //Create and set up our path element
  var p = document.createElement('path');
  var dForPath = this.dString(this.startX, this.startY, this.radius, this.angle);
  p.setAttribute('d', dForPath);

  // Add our circle and path to the svg

  return svg;

and my usage

var sec = new Sector(115, 115, 110, 7);
var c = sec.draw();

// Weird issue. The following line makes the svg appear;
//  without it, the shape isn't drawn at all.
//  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21347833/html-svg-not-drawing-works-in-other-pages
document.getElementById('circleTest').innerHTML += '';
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I'm sure posting your javascript code would help. I imagine you're creating the elements in the wrong namespace. –  Robert Longson Jan 25 at 9:48
@RobertLongson I've edited the question to include my Javascript. Thanks. –  matt Jan 25 at 22:37

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You can't use createElement with SVG you must use createElementNS instead i.e.

var svg = document.createElement('svg');

should be

var svg = document.createElementNS('http://www.w3.org/2000/svg', 'svg');

And you need to do the same for all the other SVG elements you're creating.

The innerHTML workaround that you've found will fix bu the namespaces but it's better to create the elements correctly in the first place.

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Thank you! Do I also need to use createElementNS for my path and circle elements? What is the namespaceURI that I need to use for these? Also, is there a better/more standard way to be inserting my elements from Javascript into the HTML? –  matt Jan 27 at 22:27
Same namespaceURI as I've provided above. That's the standard way. –  Robert Longson Jan 28 at 11:42
Brilliant! Thanks so much for your help. –  matt Jan 28 at 21:44

I can get the shape to appear by adding the line

document.getElementById('circleTest').innerHTML += '';

below the code that was injecting my svg into circleTest. I'm not sure why this solved the issue.

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