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I need to make a <select> list of all actual world timezones. How do I get an array with timezones list?

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take a look at momentjs.com/timezone/data –  Anto Subash Jan 25 at 9:26
Well, as far as I can understand, zone list is stored in private zoneSets variable and there is no way to get timezones list. Is this correct? And I see zone list builder, but what if zones will change by governments? I'd prefer the tzdata to be updated along with npm package. But anyway, thanks. –  user619271 Jan 25 at 13:37

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For timezone, you should manually add timezone JS file made by yourself.

In this page, you can pick the zones up and generate a file to be loaded after you load moment.js first off.

You should have something like this, take a look:

<script src="/javascripts/modules/moment/moment-with-langs.min.js"></script>
<script src="/javascripts/modules/moment/moment-timezone.min.js"></script>
<script src="/javascripts/modules/moment/moment-timezone-data.js"></script>

The JS moment-timezone-data.js is the custom list of the timezones.

However, so far I know, MomentJS does not return for you a list of all timezones, because timezone can be changed as well. If you need to populate a select tag, I suggest you parse the timezone list manually from the link above.

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