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I'm building a service that scales horizontally, which each instance of the service running software on behalf of a user and generating a constantly-updating off-screen image buffer of its render surface at any given time, hypothetically making it possible to grab screenshots of the software and display them to the user remotely, at high speed, as though the user were controlling it directly on their own computer. I can capture the image buffer fairly easily from any active session that is running on a service instance, which would mean I could record a session of this software's usage and then encode all of the image frames to video and provide that as a recording of the session when the session is finished.

What I actually want to do is capture images from the buffer and stream the live state of the software to the user in their browser, rather than operating blind during the session and only retrospectively getting to see a recorded screencast of what happened during the session.

What sort of workflow could I employ using Azure Media Services to take a constantly-changing stream of images from a remote server and implement a live video stream of those images as they change? I'm using C#, .Net 4.5, Web API and other related technologies and I understand that some of this workflow may need to be custom built. What I want to know is if the workflow I propose is possible via Azure Media Services so that I can make use of the live streaming (and transcoding?) functionality that it provides, and what that workflow would involve.

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