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I run unit tests requiring a temporal CouchDB database. Instead deleting and creating the database (that requires full administrator access), I just delete all documents.

Right after deleting everything, my database is taking 900MB which I can reclaim by compacting. However doing this at the end, causes some random write errors whenever a launch the next test suite.

I noticed random errors after compaction:

# curl -X POST http://localhost:5984/my_db/_compact

> db.save_doc(doc)
   "id" => "_design/Foo",
   "ok" => true,
  "rev" => "1-c65bf3890e32444a4477c9c6e3baaba6"

If immediately afterwards I try to fetch the new document, I get an error:

RestClient::ResourceNotFound: 404 Resource Not Found

Although I used a Ruby client for the above code, I get the same behavior using curl. The first POST/PUT operations return with an OK status, but looking with Futon, the database is still empty. I must send the same request a random number of times again until it finally shows (and start receiving the conflict message)

Here is the gist of the document I am trying to send: https://gist.github.com/systematicfrank/8614169

Is there any extra operation I should do to make sure that my database is back to normal?

If I skip the compaction all my tests will run OK after two or three times. But the database grows huge if I do not compact.

Right now I can solve my problem if I destroy completely the database and recreate a new one. However I am concerned about corrupting my database if I do a compact during production.

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