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Say, I want to create 3 variables of same size in MATLAB:

a = zeros(3,3);
b = zeros(3,3);
c = zeros(3,3);

Is there any fast way to do this, I know this is not working but I think of something like

a,b,c = zeros(3,3);

Any suggestions?

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To use deal there is no need to wrap it in a cell as NKN suggested:

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Thanks, deal does exactly what i wanted. –  tomatochris Jan 25 at 15:52

Although you can do this:

a = zeros(3); % a 3x3 zero matrix
b = a;
c = a;

If you define the values that you want to assign, in a cell, the other way (faster) is:


it means that you put your assigning value in a cell and then use deal function. Notice that the a1,a2,a3,a4 does not have cell formats, but double formats and actually this is a very fast method.

If you use cell foramt you can assign more values at the same time, for example:

C = {rand(3) ones(3,1) eye(3) zeros(3,1)};
[a,b,c,d] = deal(C{:})

otherwise you can just get rid of the cell and use:


as Daniel Suggested.

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