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I'm new to Node.js. For each modification in code, I have to restart server to make it work. I wonder if there are any ways to make it work without restarting server. Thanks.

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Check out this npm plugin: https://npmjs.org/package/devreload

There is also a very cool NodeJS based framework called Meteor which does all of this automatically. It is very easy to learn, and does realtime code & content updates. I suggest looking into that as well.

Good luck.

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Thanks a lot. Seems it's simple and helpful. –  Sky Jan 25 at 15:43

I have not come across any which deploys server side scripts without restarting the server. There are node packages like Forever, Nodemon which listens to changes and deploys automatically.

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Seems they are helpful tools, I will try these out. Million thanks. –  Sky Jan 25 at 15:45
Yeah. I have used them in about ten projects and they are good. –  Jayram Jan 25 at 15:47
yeah, without concerning the deployment, just focus on your work ^_^ –  Sky Jan 25 at 15:51

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