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I have an array of arrays like this:

arr = [["food", "eggs"],["beverage", "milk"],["desert", "cake"]]

And I need to turn it into an array of hashes where the keys are custom and new, and the values of the keys are the values in the array, like this:

hash = [{"category": "food", "item":"eggs"},
          {"category": "beverage", "item":"milk"}
          {"category": "desert", "item":"cake"}]

how would I do this? thank you

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Use Array#map:

arr = [["food", "eggs"], ["beverage", "milk"], ["desert", "cake"]]

arr.map { |category, item| { category: category, item: item } }
# => [
#      {:category=>"food", :item=>"eggs"},
#      {:category=>"beverage", :item=>"milk"},
#      {:category=>"desert", :item=>"cake"}
#    ]
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thank you so much! that worked pefectly –  rowyourboat Jan 25 '14 at 16:13
arr = [["food", "eggs"],["beverage", "milk"],["desert", "cake"]]

arr.inject([]) do |hash, (v1, v2)|
  hash << { category: v1, item: v2 }

I used inject to keep the code concise.

Next time you may want to show what you have tried in the question, just to demonstrate that you actually tried to do something before asking for code.

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thankyou for your input as well. both solutions work great. and thank you for the advice on asking the question, i will keep that in mind next time –  rowyourboat Jan 25 '14 at 16:13
hash = array.map {|ary| Hash[[:category, :item].zip ary ]}
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hash = arr.each_with_object({}){|elem, hsh|hsh[elem[0]] = elem[1]}
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