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When I do the following:

<!--Ресурсы приложения-->
                <FontFamily x:Key="DefaultFontFamily">/KingsSquare;component/Fonts/HeinrichScriptRegular.ttf#HeinrichScript</FontFamily>                  
                <kingsSquare:Bootstrapper x:Key="Bootstrapper" />
                <local:LocalizedStrings xmlns:local="clr-namespace:KingsSquare" x:Key="LocalizedStrings" />

            <ResourceDictionary Source="Resources/Styles/Buttons.xaml" />
            <ResourceDictionary Source="Resources/Styles/Text.xaml" />                


I can't use DefaultFontFamily in Buttons.xaml. The following line in a style inside Buttons.xaml throws an exception which says that the key is not found.

 <Setter Property="FontFamily" Value="{StaticResource DefaultFontFamily}"></Setter>
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Look like you didn't add MergeDictionaries in Buttons.xaml. Look this answer:WP7, WP8 How to set several ResourceDictionaries to use custom FontFamilies

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