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I would like to display rating with DYRateView in info window when user tap on GMSMarker.

I would like, that final result looks something like presented in the image below.

So far I have red the GMSMarker Class Reference I think the only way is via userData field. I have tried it with adding simply NSString on UIImage but it was not displayed. Maybe I am doing it wrong?

UIImage * bar =[UIImage imageNamed:@"arrow"];
[sydneyMarker.userData setUserData:bar];

Please be lenient, because I am a newbie to iOS development.

enter image description here

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After I have red this: Custom Info Window for Google Maps

and watched the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILiBXYscsyY

enter image description here

having in mind (from SDK documentaiton):

Note: The info window is rendered as an image each time it is displayed on the map. This means that any changes to its properties while it is active will not be immediately visible. The contents of the info window will be refreshed the next time that it is displayed.

i will probbably go for self-made info window basing very much on tutorial from mentioned video.

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