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I developed an application which use Bluetooth to connect to another device(called B). But I found one issue is that when my application crashed on Android tablet, it can not connect to B any more unless I restart the Android tablet. My Android tablet is ASUS MEMO Pad HD7. If I use sony ericsson phone or SAMSUNG Note, this issue will not happen. Does any one have any idea for this issue?

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Most likely the device is still connected. You probably don't need to reboot the tablet; just turn Bluetooth off and then back on again.

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If my application crashed on the other tablet, system will disconnect automatically and ASUS doesn't. If I turned off Bluetooth on device or on tablet and turn on later, the issue still exists unless I reboot the tablet. I searched all function of Bluetooth on Android reference, I can't find any function to reset Bluetooth. Could your provide any suggestion? –  Pogo Lin Jan 26 '14 at 12:21

It might issue of Visibility of bluetooth . bcoz is is visible for only some perticular time only.

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