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I am trying to check, if all products on list are above limits

fun search([], _) = true 
  | search(x1::xs, limit) = #2(#1 x1) > limit andalso search(xs, limit)`

and I receive unresolve record pattern. Whats wrong with my function.

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The problem with your function is most likely your use of #1 and #2 which are used to extract the first and second component, respectively from a given tuple. This is supposed to work for any tuple, i.e., pair, triple, quadruple, etc. E.g.,

> #1 (1, 2);
val it = 1: int


> #1 ("a", "b", "c", "d");
val it = "a": string

In your function the compiler (or interpreter) can't figure out how many components the tuple x1 is supposed to have.

You can help by giving an explicit type annotation like

fun search ([], _) = true
  | search ((x:(int*int)*int)::xs, l) = #2 (#1 x) > l andalso search (xs, l);

or (probably better) explicitly take apart the tuple x inside the pattern

fun search ([], _) = true
  | search (((_, x), _)::xs, l) = x > l andalso search (xs, l);
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