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This question corresponds to this QtWebSockets implementation.

I am trying to include websockets server functionality in a bigger qt-based project.

I have cloned the repo above and built the library as well as the example applications (release mode). Among the examples there is an echoserver and an echoclient. After built i start the echoserver, which seems to be successful (on terminal i see: Echoserver listening on port 1234). Then i start the echoclient, which exits immediately (no printout on the console). The server console does not show any signs of detecting connection attempts. The server listens on (checked with netstat). The client tries to connect on "ws://localhost:1234/".

I modified the echoclient example to connect to and rebuilt it. After starting the client it connects successfully and the sent message is echoed back.

I created a simple html file with a websocket client trying to connect to the echoserver and opened it with a browser. This again cannot connect to the server (works with


  • Ubuntu 13.10(64bit) running as a virtualbox guest on a win7 machine.
  • Qt5.2(64bit)

I thought that this is something to do with the virtualbox networking settings, so i repeated the whole thing above on the host OS (win7, 64bit). I get the same results.

Br, Szabolcs

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I think you found a bug. I have tested this and the echo client exits immediately due to "The remote host closed the connection.". Connecting the client to works indeed. Watch for a patch :-) – Kurt Pattyn Jan 25 '14 at 20:25
The bug has been solved. I am waiting for the Qt CI configuration to be reconfigured for the patch to be merged. I suppose somewhere next week. In case you want to solve the bug for the time being: change SecureMode to NonSecureMode on line 77 in file qwebsocketserver_p.cpp. – Kurt Pattyn Jan 25 '14 at 20:52
Thanks for investigating this so fast! I tried the recommended fix, but that did not help in my case. Let's wait for the "official" patch. – novaczkisz Jan 27 '14 at 6:29

This problem does not happen in Qt 5.4 anymore. According to the comments above it was a bug in Qt and it seems to be fixed now, because in my environment the echoserver and echoclient work just fine.

My Environment:

  • Ubuntu 14.04(64bit) running as a virtualbox guest on a win7 machine.
  • Qt5.4(32bit)

Therefore I propose to mark this question as answered.

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