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I have a large amount of JSON instances. I would like to store them in an RDBMS for querying. Once there they will never change, it's a data warehousing issue. I have lots of RDBMS data that I want to match the JSON data with, so it would be poor efficiency to store the JSON in a more traditional manner (e.g. couchdb).

From hunting the web, I gather that the best approach might be to create JSON schema ( files using a tool such as ( and then use that to build a structured RDBMS series of tables. My data is sufficiently limited in scope (minimal JSON nesting) that I could do this by hand if needed, but a tool that automatically converted from JSON schema -> DB DDL statements would be great if it is our there.

My question is two parted but aimed at the first issue - is there a tool or method by which I can create a master schema that describes all of my data, as many instances are missing various fields (and I have tens of gigs of json data)? The second part is with the serialization process. Does there exist a library (ideally python, I'm flexible though) that would take a schema file and a json object and output the DML to insert that into a RDBMS?

All suggestions welcome!


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Some draft Python for converting JSON to DDL - you'll have to adapt it for JSON schema:


import json
import sys

fp = open(sys.argv[1])
jsobj = json.load(fp)

print "Create table("

for elt in jsobj["fields"]:
    print elt["name"], elt["type"], ","

print ");"
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