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How do you think about security in laravel 4 ? I mean how laravel is managing xss attacks ?

In codeigniter you have someting like xss_clean($_GET['yourValue']) to clean user input fom xss code.

How laravel manage those kind of problems ? You get user values using Input::get('yourValue') but how do you apply an xss filter to it ? It comes with this functionality out of the box or what ?

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You can use App::before event to filter all of your inputs like this


The array_strip_tags function is given below, I've put it in a helper file to call it directly, you may use it as a helper function or as a library but it's easy to use it as a helper function, just create a helper file inside app/start/ folder and give it a name, for example custom_helper.php and include it inside global.php file like this

require '/custom_helpers.php';

Function array_strip_tags

function array_strip_tags($array)
    $result = array();
    foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
        $key = strip_tags($key);
        if (is_array($value)) {
            $result[$key] = array_strip_tags($value);
        else {
            $result[$key] = strip_tags($value);
    return $result;

This is copied from an working project of mine.

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This is only stripping tags, not preventing xss –  Sven B Dec 23 at 23:42

In laravel templates, any data that comes form user input should be enclosed in three curly braces to sanitize it:

<h1>{{{ $input }}}</h1>

There's no native xss clean function in Laravel, but if you're desparate for one there is a port of the codeigniter security library available here:


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What about data you get with jquery ? (ajax calls) –  Sven B Dec 23 at 22:48

I believe Laravel doesn't, unfortunately, have a built-in XSS Filter. However, there's a package you can try laravel-xss and it's easy to use, you just need to do something like: $user->about = Xss::clean(Input::get('about'); and you're set to go!

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There is also another package for XSS filter for laravel which can be downloaded here

Usage Example:

Simple form code snippet

{{Form::open(['route' => 'posts.store'])}}

Filter package usage

$rules = ['title' => 'required|min:13', 'body' => 'required|min:150'];
$validator = Validator(Input::all(), $rules);

  $xss = new XSS;
  $input = $xss->get();

  $post = new Post;
  $post->title = $input->title;
  $post->body = $input->body;

  // to test the results you can dd($input); & happy coding everyone!
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