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I'm building a API and want the show page for a user to be found by 'uid' instead of the record ID

I have this in my controller

    def show
      respond_with User.find_by_uid(params[:uid])

When I go to localhost/api/v1/users/8888888 Its returns "Null"

Finding by ID seems to work fine, am I doing something wrong here? I tried put this in the rails console and it worked


I'm new to rails


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have you tried visiting:

localhost/api/v1/users?uid= 8888888 instead of the url you are using currently, except you are handling that correctly rails would have no knowledge of the uid param alternatively you could add this to your config/routes.rb file

get 'users/:uid', to: 'users#show'

With the hope that your controller is called UsersController then you can call localhost/api/v1/users/8888888 in your browser and it should behave as expected

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Ah excellent thanks so much, Ill correct answer you in 5 mins :) – Valkyrie0512 Jan 25 '14 at 20:14

Rather than just giving you the answer, I'll provide a tip on debugging Ruby applications (including Rails).

Get the pry gem and the pry-debugger gem and include them in your Rails application (there's plenty of posts around Google on how to include pry and pry-debugger in Rails).

put 'binding.pry' (without the quotes) at the beginning of your show method. In the console where your server runs, when show gets executed, execution will halt/pause at binding.pry. Type the following in the pry console to see what is available in the rails params hash.

pry> params (this will print out the contents of params)

I would start my troubleshooting here, and post the contents of params and any relevant server logging here if you still can't figure it out.

edit I don't have enough rep to comment, yet. Only really been on this site and using it a day or two.

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This would have been better off as a comment than an answer, as it is really no answer to the question from the OP – bjhaid Jan 25 '14 at 20:16

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