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When I have to use svn, I use git-svn to talk to svn. I cloned the repo with the standard git svn clone -s line, and all the remote branches at the time were there.

Since then, a new branch has been created, but not by me. I want to checkout/track this branch locally. I can track a branch that I can see (with git branch -r) like so:

git checkout -t -b dev remotes/development

But this doesn't work with the other branch, since it doesn't show up in git branch -r

How can I track this missing branch?

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After running the following commands, you'll be able to see the new branch on the git side:

$ git svn fetch
$ git svn rebase

Make sure your branch is clean first.

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Thanks for the tip. I normally just git svn rebase. Adding fetch does the trick. –  Don Branson Oct 25 '12 at 16:05
git svn rebase

will rebase the current branch and all the branches that you have indicated should be automatically fetched in your local repository configuration.

git svn fetch

will fetch all the branches from the SVN repository as described when you originally did the git svn clone (including new ones). This is in contrast to the behaviour of

git fetch

which only fetches the branches you've specified, as with the git svn rebase.

This difference is primarily because git can't "see" the SVN remotes branches until they've been pulled into the local repository vs when you clone a git repository and git branch -a shows all the remote branches (even those that aren't tracked/won't be updated with a fetch).

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git svn rebase is just enough, see man page:

This fetches revisions from the SVN parent of the current HEAD and rebases the current (uncommitted to SVN) work against it.

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You need to do a git svn fetch and then a git svn rebase. –  Chesney Oct 23 '13 at 9:13
@Chesney not a feature but a bug? –  childno.de Oct 23 '13 at 12:35

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