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I want it to be like this: enter image description here

But I have it like this: enter image description here

I need the same "Back" text in the back button, but it shows just that damn icon.

Those are 2 identical navigation controllers, same push/pop, same initialization, but with a different back buttons.

I need help, otherwise I will go crazy tonight...

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Was there a name on the previous Navigation Bar? –  Larme Jan 25 at 21:47
There wasn't on both. But if put a name (self.title) on both, then one with the "Back" button changes it to the name. And the one with just the icon does nothing. –  krafter Jan 25 at 22:07
What's the name of the navigation bar that causes problem? –  Larme Jan 25 at 22:58
I found out that setting @"" as the title on navigation bar seems to cause problems described above. –  krafter Jan 26 at 20:43

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The Back Button will get the title of the previous Navigation Bar. If there is not, it would show the default "Back". Your issue was that you put @"" as the title of your Previous Navigation Bar, so it renamed the Back Button with @"", which is seen as "blank".

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