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I found a nice jquery slideshow that I want to implement for a friend/client. Normally I can figure these things out, but for some reason I'm stumped.

I want to use a specific transition, and the documentation provided tells me it's an array that I have to add, otherwise the script uses all the transitions randomly.

This is the basic code:

    alert("Flux Slider requires a browser that supports CSS3 transitions");

  window.f = new flux.slider('#slider', { 
    pagination : true,

I've got it all working, just not the specific transition. I've searched and can't find anything that looks like my issue.

i know i use 'transitions' and the transition i want is 'bars3d', but I can't seem to figure it out (I'm rusty - my current job is very "basic" when it comes to programming and I haven't worked properly with javascript/jquery in a couple of years)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Which browser are you using? I know it's for sake of example, but binding an variable to window like that! –  MackieeE Jan 25 at 22:08
I won't lie, i just took the code as-is from the demo. Every example I've seen looks different to it, but I'm just so out of practise I don't want to mess too much with anything unless I have to. I'm using chrome, firefox and safari (most recent versions), but not ie (yet). –  teebee Jan 25 at 22:10
Ah! So you're just asking if you want too add transitions: 'bars3d'? –  MackieeE Jan 25 at 22:14
I guess so - but where? That's kind of why i feel stupid - I added it, but clearly in the wrong place. –  teebee Jan 25 at 22:14
This is untested although, pagination : true, transitions: ['bars3d'] should be it –  MackieeE Jan 25 at 22:23

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When you make the instance of a new flux.slider, just add to the option object parameter the key transitions with, as value, an array with a single element.

The element is a string containing 'bars3d'.

I edited the relevant part of your code

For complete reference see https://github.com/joelambert/Flux-Slider

window.f = new flux.slider('#slider', { 
  pagination : true,
  transitions: ['bars3d']
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thank you - I was close...i tried without the square brackets, then with round brackets. So happy it's working and now I can get on with the rest of the project. You guys are great :) –  teebee Jan 25 at 22:31
thank you. You are supposed to mark the answer as the accepted one. –  Paolo Jan 25 at 22:42

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