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Trying to get Matlab to display the magnitude of a fourier transformed image but it is not working. I have looked here but I still can't get my code to work. the code is:

    function MyFFT

    d = imread('1215091616b.jpg');

    % Convert MxNx3 color matrix to MxNx1 gray scale matrix
    d = rgb2gray(d);

    f = fft2(double(d));

    % If I am correct, imshow() displays 0 = black, 1 = white.

    figure, imshow(d)
    title('My Kitty')
    figure, imshow(abs(f)); axis equal; axis tight;
    title('FFT2 Magnitude')
    figure, imshow(angle(fftshift(f)));
    title('FFT2 Phase');

The magnitude displays a black screen only. I would display the images but I don't have enough rep. This implies abs(f) has all elements equal to zero.

I have also tried running this other bit of code which gives only a white screen.

    function MyFFT2

    t = linspace(-4*pi, 4*pi, 64);
    sint = sin(t);
    A = zeros(64);

    for i = 1 : 64
        for j = 1 : 64

            A(i,j) = sint(j);


    % Image of a sine function over 4 periods
    title('Sine over 4 periods')
    a = min(min(A));
    b = max(max(A));

    imshow(A,[a,b], 'InitialMagnification',200)

    % Find Fourier transform
    F = fft2(A);

    title('Fourier Magnitude of Sine founction')
    a = min(abs(F));
    b = max(abs(F));

    % I would have thought this extra vector parameter would have fixed the problem. 
    % I believe it specifies the range of values for which `imshow` is to display a 
    % gray scale.
    imshow(abs(F), [a,b])
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Bear in mind that the output of fft2 will be complex, in general. What is the behaviour of min, max and / if f is complex? –  Oli Charlesworth Jan 25 at 22:44
Not what I expect –  user28823 Jan 25 at 22:48
have you tried imagesc(abs(f))? –  lennon310 Jan 25 at 23:22
I have tried imagesc(abs(f)) but it only gives me a blue screen with a few colored pixels. –  user28823 Jan 26 at 2:22

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