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I want to use the Bitmap class under an XNA project declared on System.Drawing but it says that I'm missing an assembly or reference. I added System.Drawing to my references and changed my target framework after seeing this post. I opened 3 or 4 new projects doing the same but nothing changes. I am about to go crazy. What's the deal with this?

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Do you have a using System.Drawing; on top of your code file? What are the exact compiler errors? – CodeCaster Jan 25 '14 at 23:32

Right-click on the identifier. In the context menu, you should see Resolve… ▹. If you have already added the reference, it should add the code necessary to get you up and running.

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The System.Drawing namespace is not usually added as a reference when you create a new project. If you look in the solution explorer for you project you should notice an expandable menu called References. Right click -> Add reference then select the .net tab and choose System.Drawing from the list.

Hope this helps.

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