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I would like to design a database using UML class diagrams but I dont know how. Can someone help me. How can I design a database using UML class diagrams?

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possible duplicate of UML class diagram for database – Rolf Schorpion Jan 26 '14 at 11:35

you may try to start with a UML class diagram. Maybe you can find this tutorial useful - http://argouml-db.tigris.org/documentation/DB_UML_Guide.htm

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Making an SQL database model in the form of a UML class diagram from a general information design model essentially requires to

  1. Represent all entity types as classes stereotyped as «entity table»
  2. Designate the primary key attribute of each entity table by an attribute stereotype such as «pk» or «pkey»
  3. Eliminate multi-valued attributes
  4. Eliminate generalization/inheritance relationships
  5. Convert any many-to-many association into a class stereotyped as «relationship table» and two functional associations
  6. Replace the remaining functional associations with foreign key dependencies

See this tutorial for more information.

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