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I have taken a concurrency course at the university, and this is my first time I try to program in Scala.

I have copied the following code of Scala as it is in the lectures to compile it.

import Extras._
object Test{
var x=0
val P = proc {for (i<-0 until N)x=x+1}

def main(args:Array[String])=
for (y<-0 until 5){x=0;P();println(x)}

However I get the following error.

bash-4.2$ scalac ~/Scala/helloworld
/users/mscs5674/Scala/helloworld:5: error: not found: value proc
val P = proc {for (i<-0 until N)x=x+1}
one error found

Do you know what I am doing wrong and how I can fix this?

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proc is not a standard Scala thing, you must have imported it from test.cso. Ask your professor, or look in the lecture notes if this is explained somewhere. –  Jesper Jan 26 at 8:18

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when you are compiling helloworld you are importing test.cso._

this means you are bringing classes from another jar (a package). you have to specify that package in your classpath, so that the scala compiler is able to use those classes.

scalac -cp <test.cso.jar goes here>:~/Scala/helloworld

hope that helps

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Thanks a lot. I will try that in a few hours :) –  Jim Blum Jan 26 at 17:50

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