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Is it possible to use the MQTT Broker Mosquitto on Ubuntu 12.04 to log all events such as messages published to all channels, subscriptions, client connections/disconnections and errors to a log file with a time stamp and then have program insert this into a database either Mongodb or SQL?

If so, how could this be achieved?

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AFAIK this isn't possible right now with mosquitto. For use cases like this I would recommend to use a MQTT broker which has a plugin and message interception system like HiveMQ. To see all the interactions, there are some plugins available as open source like the Message Log Plugin. The source code is also available on Github.

To write e.g. the messages to a database, look at this blog post, this should help you get started.

Note that I may be biased because I work on HiveMQ.

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Thanks I have came up with a solution using a python MQTT Client and pymongo. When a message is received it logs it to a mongodb collection with a time stamp, topic and the message payload. Once i iron out the bugs I will post it as the answer. Devices also now publish a message to a channel when they disconnect and connect. – Keenan Jan 26 '14 at 12:27

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