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i have some questions about MariaDB. Maybe anyone can help me. I have two servers and want to loadbalance via DNS (Round Robin). Round Robin is configured. Now i want to setup a multi master replication with MariaDB. The Problem that i have is i already have installed on the first server MariaDB in the version 10, but i saw that MariaDB Galera Cluster is only available for 5.5. What would be the best way to setup the MariaDB Galera Cluster? Downgrade or is a Cluster Version for 10 available?

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I had a similar realization recently. MariaDB 10 is really nice but there is currently no stable release with galera. There is an alpha release (10.0.7) and it looks like a stable release may be available relatively soon. For now, though, you should use the 5.5 line.

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