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I'm learning defclass and defmethod and defgeneric, so I made a defclass called savings-account with a member balance.

I created a defun (shown below) to begin to alter the value of balance, but it's not finished.

(defun balance (account)
  (slot-value account 'balance))

Then I decided to go with a defgeneric (below) instead.

(defgeneric balance (account))

But when I ran the defgeneric I got this error:

BALANCE already names an ordinary function or a macro.

Is there a way to un-call or undeclare balance easily so I don't have to restart my Emacs session?

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Both of your code snippets use defun, not defgeneric. –  Chris Jan 26 at 13:16
@Chris....Sorry 'bout that =) I made the appropriate edits..any advice for me on this question my good man? –  user2904561 Jan 26 at 13:42
As an aside, you typically wouldn't do (defun balance (account) (slot-value account 'balance); you'd just define a balance method as a reader (or accessor): (defclass account ... (balance ... :reader balance ...)). –  Joshua Taylor Jan 26 at 23:06
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Any self-respecting Lisp will offer you an error restart to change the definition.

Here SLIME and Clozure CL:

The function BALANCE is defined as something other than a generic function.
   [Condition of type CCL::SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR]

 0: [CONTINUE] Try to remove any global non-generic function or macro definition.
 1: [RETRY] Retry SLIME REPL evaluation request.
 2: [*ABORT] Return to SLIME's top level.
 3: [ABORT-BREAK] Reset this thread
 4: [ABORT] Kill this thread

Just select the CONTINUE restart by either typing 0 in that buffer or by selecting the respective line and pressing return.

Additionally to Xach's answer, using SLIME you can just move the text cursor on the function name and type c-c c-u, which calls SLIME-UNDEFINE-FUNCTION.

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@Thank you very much sir, I chose your answer because it was the quickest way to get it done....A very nice day to you=). –  user2904561 Jan 26 at 16:45
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You can remove a function definition (created either with defun or defgeneric) with fmakunbound.

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