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I'm using redis as the session store in an express based node.js project. The sessions work fine generally but when I restart the application server I find that all my sessions are lost (ie. all users are redirected to the homepage).

I can see the session keys are still accessible within redis by using the redis admin tools.

Any ideas?

My server setup looks like the following...

var redisSessionStore = require('connect-redis')(express);
global.sessionStore = new redisSessionStore({prefix:"sess:"});
    app.use(express.session({ secret: sessionSecret, store: global.sessionStore, key: global.sessionCookieName, cookie: { secure: true, httpOnly: true, domain: "." + global.canonical, expires: false} }));
app.configure('development', function () { app.use(express.errorHandler({ dumpExceptions: true, showStack: true })); });
app.configure('production', function () { app.use(express.errorHandler()); });
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You're not regenerating sessionSecret at server startup? –  robertklep Jan 26 at 14:20
Yes I was. Thanks robertklep. What is doubly annoying was that I went looking for such a thing yesterday before posting and obviously glassed over it. –  Jonathon Jan 26 at 23:34

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Answered by @robertklep

The problem was being caused by sessionSecret was changing on each restart.

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