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I would like to use IntelliJ Idea 13 (community edition preferably, but I would also like to know if this is only available in the professional edition) instead of WebStorm. The answer (written by a JetBrains official as far as I understand) to this question sound like it is possible, it says (if I understand it right) all the functionality of Idea derivatives like WebStorm is is available in Idea plug-ins. But I still can't find the right plug-in to create static (HTML+CSS+JS code, no Java) web projects. If I try to open a WebStorm project Idea says it doesn't understand "WEB_MODULE" module type. What do I have to I set-up?

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I think this documentation means Idea Ultimate. CE version lacks editor support for any of HTML/CSS/JS. –  Andrey Chaschev Jan 26 at 20:19

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As Andrey mentioned, HTML+CSS+JS support is only provided in Idea Ultimate. No additional plugins need to be installed (unless you need Node.js support or like to use Live Edit - these plugins are not bundled with Idea and have to be installed from the repository)

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  • IDEA 12 Ultimate: "New Project" -> "Web Module"
  • IDEA 13 Ultimate: "New Project" -> "Static Web"
  • IDEA 14 Ultimate: "New Project" -> "Static Web"
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For those using IntelliJ IDEA 14.x.x Community Edition, the "Static Web" option in Projects or Modules only seems to show up after the Phonegap/Cordova Plugin has been installed (Settings->Plugins->Browse repositories).

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