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I'm working on Register/Login program saving the data into SQL DB (using mysql.h and libmysql.lib). Now everything works fine but the Login part is a bit messed up.

if (numberOfColumns > 0)
 MYSQL_ROW row = 0;
 while ((row = mysql_fetch_row(result)))
  MYSQL_FIELD * column = mysql_fetch_field_direct(result,0);
  if (column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_BLOB || column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_LONG_BLOB ||
      column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_MEDIUM_BLOB || column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_STRING ||
      column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_TINY_BLOB || column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_VAR_STRING ||
      column->type == MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR)
   if (row[0] != *username)
     cout << "Invalid username!\n";
     if (row[1] != *password)
       cout << "Invalid password!\n";
       cout << "You have been successfully logged in!\n";

So I used SELECT Username,Pass FROM account WHERE Username='' AND Pass='' and this selects, of course, the Username and Pass entered by an user. Now let's say that I have in Username column a value "name" and in Pass column a value "pass". Now if I enter "name" and "pass" it logs me in successfully. But if I enter "somethingthatisnotinthedb" both in Username and Pass it does nothing... none of the conditions already mentioned are met. BUT now if I enter "Name" (one of the letters capital) and same with the Pass, it meets if (row[0] != *username). When I tried if (row[0] != *username || row[0] == NULL) nothing actually changed, so the return value, when my query finds nothing, is not NULL. I hope you see what I mean. NOW what am I supposed to enter in to the conditions when the SELECT Username,Pass FROM account WHERE Username='' AND Pass='' finds nothing and I want it to say "Invalid whatever"? Thank you for your time and for your answers!

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I believe you can use the method mysql_num_rows() to return the rows of the results, so if the row is 0 then it's empty. –  har2vey Jan 26 at 14:47
That is a good idea! Thank you, kind sir! –  ThePopa611 Jan 26 at 16:12
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