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I am doing a project on image forgery detection in MatLab following the steps given in one paper. I am completely new to image processing and MatLab. Below are the steps to be performed for forgery detection as per given in one PAPER. ![step1][1] ![step2][2] ![edge detection][3] ![step3][4]
![Feature Map][5]

Below is my code. please let me know if i am going right or not . please correct me wherever i am wrong. i am new to all these concepts in image processing.After having made a lot of research i could write this code.

    close all;

    hsv=rgb2hsv(in_img); % i have used hsv conversion in hsv V channel gives intensity 
    % image
    c=hsv(:,:,3);% 3rd channel gives intensity image
    edge1=edge_std(c);%edge_std is based on the standard deviation formula given in the
    % the paper

    ver=imfilter(edge1,[-1 0 1]);% horizontal projection
    hor=imfilter(edge1,[-1 0 1]');%vertical projection

    h_mean=mean2(hor);%horizontal threshold
    v_mean=mean2(ver);%vertical threshold

    h_thresh=remove(hor,h_mean);% remove function sets pixels below threshhold to 0 and
    % other pixels remain unchanged.

    com=imadd(h_thresh,v_thresh); %combining horizontal and vertical projection after 
    % thresholding

    subplot(2,4,3);imshow(edge1);title('EDGE IMAGE');
    subplot(2,4,4);imshow(hor);title('HORIZONTAL PROJECTION');
    subplot(2,4,5);imshow(ver);title('VERTICAL PROJECTION');
    subplot(2,4,6);imshow(h_thresh);title('HORIZONTAL THRESHHOLD');
    subplot(2,4,7);imshow(v_thresh);title('VERTICAL THRESHHOLD');
    subplot(2,4,8);imshow(com);title('combined projection');

output of this code is here.![here edges are not appearing clearly. but if observed properly it looks to appear as it was shown in the PAPER][6]

So just to make edges clearly appear i used a threshold=0.01.

    close all;
    subplot(2,3,1);imshow(edge1);title('EDGE IMAGE');
    subplot(2,3,2);imshow(hor);title('HORIZONTAL PROJECTION');
    subplot(2,3,3);imshow(ver);title('VERTICAL PROJECTION');
    subplot(2,3,4);imshow(h_thresh);title('HORIZONTAL THRESHHOLD');
    subplot(2,3,5);imshow(v_thresh);title('VERTICAL THRESHHOLD');
    subplot(2,3,6);imshow(com);title('combined projection');

this is not part of my actual code .Should i make it part of my actual code? any suggestion is accepted because if i include them they all will become binary images but i do not have any idea what should be the input for feature map(double,logical(binary)) as of my actual code they are all double.

![output is here][7]

please let me know the if my code correct code or not . If not please help me with the correct code or any kind of help. I have tried a lot. i have no idea on how to generate the feature map and what should be the input for that double,logical or anything,any kind of help would be appreciated. I am in urgent need of it. expecting answers immediately. Thanks in advance.

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