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I tried to learn the code in cal-china.el in Emacs source code and found the following code:

(defun holiday-chinese-winter-solstice ()
  "Date of Chinese winter solstice, if visible in calendar.
Returns (((MONTH DAY YEAR) TEXT)), where the date is Gregorian."
  (when (memq displayed-month '(11 12 1)) ; is December visible?
    (list (list (calendar-gregorian-from-absolute
               (list 12 15 (if (eq displayed-month 1)
                               (1- displayed-year)
            "Winter Solstice Festival"))))

This code is used to calculate the winter solstice. I also knew that these 24 solar terms are needed for calculating Chinese calendar. So I wonder how to calculate all the 24 solar terms in Lisp.

Thank you.

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