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We are hosting the swf assets on a media hosting server and can't get a file to the root, anyone know what the code looks like to specify a custom location for crossdomain.xml? Sample code if you have it.

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I hate to answer my own question but I found the code so I thought I'd post here to add to the reference value of this question:

pulled from: http://www.voiceoftech.com/swhitley/?p=117

The problem with setting up a crossdomain.xml file on the SSL server is that I don’t have access to the server. It’s just pointing to a virtual root on my server and I don’t have access to the SSL server’s web root.

flash.system.Security.loadPolicyFile("{Url to my crossdomain.xml file on the SSL virtual root}");

With these changes in place, I’m able to easily integrate Google Accounts with my Flash app.

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Just something that you might want to take note of the "opt-in meta policies" security changes that comes Flash 9 and higher version players. You might want to refer to adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9-10_security.html –  Ronnie Liew Oct 20 '08 at 6:23
If you accept the answer, this won't show up as "unanswered". –  bzlm Feb 18 '09 at 23:01

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