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I'm new to backbone and can't seem to find any similar threads to help me solve this.

My problem is simple - I want to grab a JSON file for a collection, and then access those models from my view. I seem to be able to get the JSON data, but I have no idea how to now access those models in the collection from my view.

I've played with using fetch in a view triggered by a click event (see bottom) but it doesn't seem the way I should be using it, since I need to hit fetch every time and then am not using underscores methods to manipulate the models.

I'm using coffeescript so I apologize if people want to see this in plain js

Thanks for any direction.

Example JSON:

        "name": "mouse",
        "level": "1"

        "name": "bird",
        "level": "1"

        "name": "unicorn",
        "level": "2"
        "name": "narwhal",
        "level": "2"


class MagnetModel extends Backbone.Model

magnet_model = new MagnetModel


class MagnetCollection extends Backbone.Collection

    model: MagnetModel
    url: "js/json/dolch.json"

magnet_collection = new MagnetCollection
    success: (response) ->
        log response.toJSON() # I can see the data here - but now what? Where does it "live" or where do I tell it to live?

"WORKING" VIEW: I can get the data to show in a view like this, but don't think I should be doing it this way since I need to "fetch" every time :

loadLevel: (level) ->
    level = $(level.currentTarget).attr('id')

        words = magnet_collection.fetch
            success: (response) ->
                log 'good fetch'
                data = response.toJSON()

                console.log( data[0][level] )
            error: ->
                log 'bad fetch'
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I would read up on the basics of collections, I found to be a good source – Troy Cosentino Jan 27 '14 at 0:56
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You can access models without toJSON() call.

This will get first model from collection:

var model =;

You can also search by collection:

var model = response.findWhere({ name: "mouse" });

It's better to have id instead of the name and use it with method get

var model = response.get("id");

To get the level you need also use get method on the model

var level = model.get("level");
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