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HI I have a view that is created from the Controllder Method.

Now I am writing the HTML View Code on this Page.

Somehow I am not getting any html controls on this page. When i type the below line, it says "The name html doesn't exist in the current context" Ex: <%= Html.TextBox

Any Clue why i am not getting html tags.

Appreciate your response.

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Consider accepting answers to some of your questions, if the answer has solved your problem. You can do this by clicking on the checkbox next to the correct answer for each question. –  Robert Harvey Jan 26 '10 at 0:10
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Are you missing your Inherits attribute in your Page declaration at the top of the view?

It should look like this (if it is strongly-typed):


or like this (if it is not strongly-typed):


I find that if I remove this declaration from my view, the Html object will no longer intellisense.

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It is not strongly-typed. I also added Inherits = "System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<IEnumerable<DataModel.Employees>>". –  Rita Jan 26 '10 at 0:17
It is working now... Earlier it has some user controls code. After i have cleaned, it is working fine. Thanks Rob. –  Rita Jan 26 '10 at 0:23
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