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This question is asked before but answers does not help me.
I know in javascript, I can detect mouse click ( middle click ) and prevent it.

$('a').on('mousedown', function(e){
    if( e.which != 1 ) {
        var target = e.target;
        return false;

Maybe this works on Chrome, but it doesn't work on Firefox. I mean, this piece of code, does not prevent opening new tab in firefox.
But, If we can not change it in firefox or whatever, How Facebook have done this ?

I've tested this with both

<a href="javascript:void(0)" >Link</a>


<a href="#" >Link</a>

but not working.

In Facebook when user clicks on a Like anchor, even with Middle Mouse Button, browser won't open new tab ( empty tab )

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jsfiddle.net/GdVq6 ? –  dfsq Jan 26 at 17:22
have you tested it before? –  Pars Jan 26 at 17:23
you are triggering a second click which is not caused by a middle mouse click and so not trigger the mousedown event. –  Patrick Evans Jan 26 at 17:24
my code works well, when I alert something to output. but when removing alert from code. it will opens new tab again. I mean that alert will prevent opening new tab. but I do not know why. –  Pars Jan 26 at 17:26
take out the target.click call, that is causing a click event on the link which will trigger the default action of the link, which is to open that link –  Patrick Evans Jan 26 at 17:27

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