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I want to find server system reliability based on multi-objective optimization. The optimization will be based on budget and duration of server usage.

Here is the situation,

Let say a company want to have a cloud storage system with specific amount of budget (B). Based on the budget, they will identify how many number of server can be purchase, depend on price of each server.

For example: Budget: $100,000 Server Cost: $18,000 Total Server can be purchase: 5

Based on that,the company want to find maximum server reliability based on number of server combination and duration. They will set specific target duration, for example 10 years and target reliability for example 99.9%. According to reliability calculation, high number of server used will be the best reliability, but based on target duration and target reliability, the minimum server that achieve 99.9% reliability within 10 years is selected.

Here is the formula to find the reliability:

R = 1 - q(to the power of n)

R is the reliability
q is the failure rate
n is the number of server

Assume failure rate of the server is identical (same failure rate)

For example, a server having 0.2%/1000 hours, which means the device will fail to operate two times within one million hours. Consider the server is operated 24 hours a day in a year.

q = (0.2/100) * (1/1000) * 24 * 365
q = 0.01752

So the reliability of 1 server in one year is

R = 1 - 0.01752
R = 0.98248 which is 98.2%

I have made a calculation, but it is not in linear programming.

For example ( i want to provide screen shot image but not enough reputation),

Budget(b) = 100,000
Server cost(Sc) = 18,000
Total server (n)= 5
Fail per million hours (nF)= 2
million hours (mh)= 10(to the power of -6)
Duration to check reliability (y) = 10 years
Target reliability = 99.9%

Calculation: Find total server, n=b/Sc Find reliability:

R = Rs = 1-[(nF*mh)*(hours*day*y)]to the power of n

The OUTPUT, From the calculation, I found using:

1 server is not reliable
2 server is not reliable
3 server is not reliable
4 server is reliable
5 server is reliable

I want to convert this to linear programming and will display target output is 4

Please help me

Thank you

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First off we need to know what language and second off you should of tried to write it out in a language and then when it doesn't work, show us the code you got and we give you pointers to fix it. Stack overflow is not a free coding service. – ReX357 Jan 26 '14 at 17:51
This is not a software problem - it is a math problem. This is not a good application of a LP (linear programming) math model - a simple spreadsheet will do this. – Eccountable Jan 26 '14 at 17:59
This is not a software problem. This is an actual situation of my case. How can i modify the case to become a good application for LP? Thank you – tomyeto Jan 27 '14 at 15:11
I already code the case using HTML and JavaScript, and produce output like i mention above (refer on the OUTPUT), but the code is not using LP. The problem is, i need to implement LP in that code. So before i can come out with the LP code, I need to modify my formula above into LP. That is what i mean. Thank you – tomyeto Jan 27 '14 at 15:22

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