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I’m trying to build (my first) native mobile app for iOS and Android using HTML5/CSS/JS which I will package with phonegap. The aim of the app project is to allow users to download and save eLearning courses to local storage.

For context: Each eLearning course is built in the format of an HTML5 page and a folder containing reference material (images, sound clips etc… that are referenced by the HTML5 file). The app currently shows a list of available courses with a link to each HTML5 page. I want users to be able to download these to local storage to watch offline, and be able to delete them again (there are too many courses for me to package all into the app - each course is approx 50mb). At they are all HTML5 I will then use UIWebView to actually display the material.

Can anyone help me with how to 1) go about saving files locally, 2) generating a list of locally saved files (and associated folders), 3) allow users to delete these files from local storage?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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