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Is there any tool, or any VS debug option i'd use to watch all the calls my c# application, sends to the SQL server 2k8? I'd like to know how efficient is my c# code at doing the calls, like how many SELECTS is it sending at certain time/situation.


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Yes. SQL Profiler

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Awesome, that is exactly what i needed! – Walter Jan 27 '10 at 3:22

SQL Profiler is good for this, however SQL Express doesn't have this. Just FYI.

You can access this from SQL Server Management Studio (IF you use it)

Tools -> SQL Server Profiler
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You can also look at the Activity Monitor within Management Studio 2008. Just right-click the main server node and choose "Activity Monitor". This link has information about this tool and also opens with the left-hand nav expanded to show several other topics that may be of interest:

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