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I have the following scenario in my web application: 1.) Complex data-base entry and representation of this entry as a php-class 2.) Editing and creating entries via an html-form generated by php.

Currently, interfacing between the two is by creating an html form programmatically by php. Since the entry is complex, dynamic forms are needed. This is done by javascript and manipulating the DOM tree. For example, a form looks like

First Name (edit)
Middle Name #1 (edit)
  (click here to add a middle name)
Adress #1 (edit)
Adress #2 (edit)
  (click here to add adress)
(submit all changes)

Creating this "by hand" using php and javascript gives a horrible mess of code; html interleaving with php interleaving with copy-and-pasted code for js/dom manipulation.

What kind of abstraction can be used here? Ideally I would like to have a library with a function that takes as input a php object or another high-level represenation of my database-entries such as xml, and creates a corresponding html input-form from it...

Or is there any other method of doing this properly? The current method is really unmaintainable if the format of the entry is only changed slighty...

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