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For all the javax* classes Netbeans says javadoc not found. Anyone know how I can get javadoc to show?

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Download the docs manually, link it to the IDE.

libraries -> properties -> select a jar -> edit -> there you go.

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Which doc should I download? or

I added both zip to Tools > Java Platform > JDK1.6(Default) > Javadoc.

After cleaning %userprofile%\.netbeans\6.9\var\cache and restarting it still doesn't work.

What else should I do?

Edit: I have working javadoc for Java EE classes

  1. I downloaded the from here
  2. Go to Tools > servers > Tomcat 6.0 > Javadoc
  3. Press Add Zip/Folder
  4. Browse for
  5. Press Close
    It works instantly
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It's an error that appears when you set NetBeans to use its inner webkit browser. Set an external browser in preferences, first tab.

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