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I'm trying to get Travis CI to run my Behat acceptance tests.

I've used PHP 5.5 in development and at the moment I’m really not concerned about compatibility with previous PHP versions. I've used the short array [] syntax introduced with PHP 5.4 extensively throughout my application.

I'm only trying to run my tests on 5.5+ upwards, I’m getting a parse error:

Parse: syntax error, unexpected '['

If I echo $TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION I’m getting '5.5'.

My travis.yml looks like this:

language: php

  - 5.5


  - sudo apt-get install nginx
  - sudo apt-get install php5-fpm
  - sudo apt-get install php5-cli

  - sudo cp $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/vhost.template /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/fridge-subscription-demo.local
  - sudo sed 's|APP_URLS|fridge-subscription-demo.local|g;s|APP_PATH|/home/travis/build/EddyLane/DemoSubscriptionBundle|g;s|APP_NAME|fridge-subscription-demo.local|g' /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/fridge-subscription-demo.local --in-place

  - composer update
  - app/console doc:database:create
  - app/console doc:schema:update --force
  - app/console cache:warm

  - sudo chmod -R 0777 $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/app/cache
  - sudo chmod -R 0777 $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/app/logs

  - sudo service nginx restart
  - sudo service php5-fpm restart


  - ./bin/behat --config behat.yml

    - fridge-subscription-demo.local

The vhost is installed correctly, behat seems fine, it just keeps failing when it hits the short array syntax.

This project is open source and available here: https://github.com/EddyLane/DemoSubscriptionBundle (currently attempting to get Travis to work on branch travis).

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It seems to be working for you now. travis-ci.org/EddyLane/DemoSubscriptionBundle/builds/17659605 –  banzaiman Jan 27 at 1:45
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I also get this error because... It's because apt-get install adds PHP 5.3 packages that override actual PHP version.

Delete apt-get install ... and things should work. If you can't do it, then you have the same problem as me :-)

Good luck

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