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Has anybody cooked up some generic functions that extend core.bitop bitmanipulations to work on any value type?

Something like

bool getBit(T)(in T a, int bitnum); // bt
T setBit(T)(in T a, int bitnum); // bts
auto ref setBitInPlace(T)(ref T a, int bitnum);

I know this is relatively easy to implement so that's why I'm curious to why its not already Phobos.


Here's my first try at this:

bool getBit(T, I)(in T a, I bitnum) @safe pure nothrow if (isIntegral!T &&
                                                           isIntegral!I) {
    return a & (((cast(I)1) << bitnum)) ? true : false;

bool getBit(T, I)(in T a, I bitnum) @trusted pure nothrow if ((!(isIntegral!T)) &&
                                                              isIntegral!I) {
    enum nBits = 8*T.sizeof;
    static      if (nBits ==  8) alias I = ubyte;
    else static if (nBits == 16) alias I = ushort;
    else static if (nBits == 32) alias I = uint;
    else static if (nBits == 64) alias I = ulong;
    return (*(cast(I*)&a)).getBit(bitnum); // reuse integer variant
alias bt = getBit;

My idea is to make getBit work on all types that have value semantics. That's why I need the cast (I think). Is there a traits to check if a type has value semantics or not?

Also is there a trait to check if a type supports a specific operation such as bitwise and &? I could always use __traits(compiles, ...) but standardization is good.

To make it even better I guess I need an explicit overload for T's that support bit manipulations in order to make this variant @safe right? In my generic solution above I need the cast and that's @unsafe.

See also: http://forum.dlang.org/thread/tekrnzkemcbujbivvfpv@forum.dlang.org#post-tekrnzkemcbujbivvfpv:40forum.dlang.org

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it's going to be unsafe no matter what you do as you may be breaking the invariant of the type by setting arbitrary bits –  ratchet freak Jan 27 at 8:04

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