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I would like to know the best method to display real time stock market quotes on my website through API calls. I use apache/php/mysql on linux.

Each API calls is called with a keywork (the stock symbol). For example if i want the quote price of the company "Apple inc", i'm gonna make that API call http://example.com/API/stock?symbol=AAPL and will then parse the file.

Let's say a user of my website wants to display the APPL quote. What is the process behind this page to show the data and update it lets say every 30sec ?

I already thought about doing it like :

  1. User goes on the page http://mywebsite.com/quote/AAPL
  2. Ajax call of php page parsing.php?symbol=AAPL
  3. parsing.php downloads the file http://example.com/API/stock?symbol=AAPL, parse it and updates the html
  4. With a timer, i'm going to make that process again.

It's easy but i'm not very fan of that solution since the first call will take some second before displaying the data..

I also did a c# appli that use a database queue to update the database with fresh datas. Was doing that for some kind of search aggregator, but i don't know if that could be of solution for this project.

Since i'm able to get a list of all the stock market symbols, maybe i could also make a job that retrieve the entire symbol prices every minutes and store it in my database, so the first call of my pages will be fast.

I don't know if you guys have some good doc on how to do this.

Thanks in advance

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What code do you already have ? –  Pedro Lobito Jan 26 at 20:29
@Tuga I haven't started yet –  Bobby Shark Jan 26 at 20:31

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