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Here is my schema The schema

My problem is, I am getting this, enter image description here

I am getting NULL values at total coloumn for id 2, but I should get it for only 3.

The query I used is,

SELECT memo.id, DATE_FORMAT( added_on,  '%h:%i %p' ) AS TIME, COUNT( * ) AS item_count, SUM( item.sell_price ) AS cash_billed, customer_paid AS cash_received, d.total
FROM  `memo` 
JOIN memo_item ON memo_item.memo_id = memo.id
JOIN item ON memo_item.item_id = item.id

SELECT m.id, COUNT( * ) AS total
FROM memo m
JOIN returned_item r ON r.memo_id = m.id
WHERE m.showroom_id =4
AND DATE_FORMAT( added_on,  '%m/%d/%Y' ) =  '01/27/2014'
) AS d ON d.id = memo.id
WHERE memo.showroom_id =4
AND DATE_FORMAT( added_on,  '%m/%d/%Y' ) =  '01/27/2014'
GROUP BY memo.id
LIMIT 0 , 30

Please help.

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Consider providing proper DDLs (and/or an sqlfiddle) TOGETHER WITH THE DESIRED RESULT SET –  Strawberry Jan 26 at 22:30

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