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I'm using SSRS 2008 and I have a financial report. I would like the dollar amounts in my table to be in currency or number format when exported to Excel. Currently they end up being text.

I have trying a few things to see if its even possible. I removed the table header, didn't use the $ sign, and converted the field to decimal, but nothing seemed to work. The data in Excel always seems to be format as text.

Any suggestions?

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Make sure you are using the Format string "C" but the export to excel is really a text rendering - it does not hold Excel specific attributes/qualities.

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I found that instead of using a format function in the expression like:

=Format(myvar.value, "C")

Its better to not to use an expression and just change the Text Box Properties on that field. For example, I'd leave the field as:


Then I would right click on the field, go to Text Box Properties, Number Sub Category/Tab, and select currency.

When doing this the results in Excel are a custom number format vs a text format.

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